Client Endorsements

Dear Steve,

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Mere words cannot express my appreciation for your service as my Realtor. You define all that can be righteous and holy about the real estate business. Despite COVID, never having met in person, and communicating across two time zones, you were able to find and close on my daughter’s dream condo in downtown Denver in less than a month.

Since 2006 when you started renting out my Aurora condo, you earned my trust with fair and honest advice and counsel. Such trust is rate today, but that 15-year trust made you the only person I could ask to help my daughter with your personal touch that made us feel we were the most important clients in the world.

I truly appreciate your service, will recommend you to everyone, and hope this is not our last mutual transaction. Thank you for what you do.

Not sure how many military customers you have – this may mean more to them than you.

This was my coin during my next to last assignment. In Hawaii I was the guy that was responsible for integrating anything related to space – satellites, missile warning, surveillance – into Pacific Command planning and operations.

In the military, if somebody challenges you with a coin you either pull your coin out of your pocket or you have to buy them a beer.

Maybe this can save you from buying the next round. If not, it serves as a ready bottle opener.

– Al

Alan R.