Your Colorado Property Manager

We enjoy working with investors/landlords to buy good investment properties and then manage the property too. We do extensive background checks, provide 24/7 maintenance, professional accounting & direct deposits and evictions. Doctor Relocation will update and remodel several Owner’s properties each year. We have a trusted group of licensed/insured contractors who do a great job on the properties we manage. See the Before & After videos below..

Dated condominium prior to remodel.
Updated condominium after the remodel.

People invest for a variety of reasons. Real estate investing requires specialized knowledge and experience to maximize returns and minimize risk. Some investors have even become landlords without even planning to do so. Difficulty in selling a property compels some to manage property as rental units. Should you find yourself in possession of a property that cannot be profitably sold, or if you want a proven real estate manager on your side, could your current REALTOR®:

  • Effectively and profitably manage both the property and tenant?
  • Pre-determine the investment rate of return?
  • Be able to provide solid investment analysis?
  • Provide accurate monthly accounting statements, handle tenant deposits and rent payments?

Whatever the investment objectives, careful consideration must be given to the skill and experience of everyone on the owner’s team. For the highest level of experience and service in the property management industry, contact Steve Charlett, CRS, today!

Our experienced property management team helps property Owners operate their rental properties to maximize return on investment and to handle the chores associated with rental property ownership. We provide showing services, 24/7 maintanence and good accounting for all funds received and dispursed. Doctor Relocation is your store front and our Owners can remain as silent partners with no disclosure of your identity by our office until authorized by the Owner.

Process: It all begins with an initial consultation to understand the owner’s objectives and to identify key ‘selling points’ of the property. Doctor Relocatin handles photographs, creation of on-line advertising, showing services, lead tracking and if necessary, arrange for required inspections and work by pre-qualified Contractors. Our “Preferred Contractors” are licensed, insured and typically work on a 30 day net billing cycle for the convenience of billing out of Tenant Rents paid.

Relative Fees: Initially, a one-time Advertising Fee of $100 is paid by the Owner to cover cost of property inpsection for code violations, photos, posting of internet/print advertising, initiate showing services and pre-qualificati0n of prospective Tenants.  A Tenant Placement Fee equal to 50% of one month’s gross Rent is billed out of Tenant Rent, after a qualified Tenant has been selected and Rent is collected. Once a solid Tenant/Candidate has completed an application, a complete background check is conducted by Doctor Relocation and communicated to the Owner. Once the Tenant is slected and moved into the property a complete Move-In Inpsection of the Property is completed. Doctor Relocation ensures that utilities are switched, HOA notification is made with proper documentation, etc. The Tenant Placement Fee is not charged on lease renewals for the same Tenant. Costs for maintenance are charged back to the Owner through the Tenant’s Rent.  Ongoing Management Services are billed at 10% of the monthly Rent.  Management Services includes collections of late rents and preliminary eviction actions, if necessary but rarely with our good Tenants. We prepare year-end statements & 1099’s for tax purposes.  Doctor Relocation handles the “Move-in/Move-out Inspections, final dispostion on the release of Security & Pet Deposit funds, Tenant’s payment of final water/sewer bill, lease renewals, maintenance requests and ensures minimal financial exposure to the landlord upon lease termination. Doctor Relocation uses Rent Manager, ( a property management industry specific software program capable of creating some very specific reports for Owners, Tenants and Contractors.

Doctor Relocation, LLC is fully licensed and insured as a Real Estate and Property Management Company. Owner Steve Charlett has been a highly successful Real Estate Agent and Property Manager in Denver and Colorado since 1999.

Please contact Doctor Relocation with your questions. We look forward to working with you and to providing for all your property management needs.

Steve Charlett, CRS
Managing Broker/Owner
Office: 303-771-9400

Property Leasing Services

Vacancies are the number one ROI-killer for a rental property. Getting the wrong renter is a close second.

Doctor Relocation has wealth of experience in Denver rental property leasing… locating qualified tenants, and placing them quickly into rental properties that match their needs. Not surprisingly, this process takes a tremendous amount of resource and know-how.

Best of all, you pay nothing until we lease your property!

Our Leasing services begin with a systematic process.

  • Property inspection and market analysis to help determine the appropriate lease rate for the property.  Doctor Relocation is on the forefront of rental trends and market conditions in order to ensure maximal rental income.
  • High-impact property marketing:
    • Professional marketing and with premier internet exposure. Doctor Relocation spends a tremendous amount of time on creating the perfect high-impact ad that captures to strengths and personality of the property. This further ensures we attract the right type of Resident for the home
    • Comprehensive web-based marketing through over 20+ online classsified sites including nationally recognized names such as,,,,, ,,,,
    • Special direct marketing programs
    • Realtor referral networks
    • Professional level metal “For Rent” sign is placed on yard or in windows.

Beware of the professional
Rental Scammer!

From the Rental Application to the background checks… everything will seem perfect… until they stop paying rent, seek protection of the courts, and squat in your property for FREE for 6 months.

Our Leasing service then concludes with the industry’ s most comprehensive ‘Lease-up’ process:

  • Personally interview all qualified Applicants
  • Detailed employment, credit, criminal, sex offender and rental background checks
  • Reference checks from previous landlords, employers and possibly county records
  • Prepare and administer lease documents, including all disclosures, lead based paint, mold, house rules, etc.
  • Detailed walk-through of the property prior to Resident occupancy
  • Inspection Report for Residents to sign
  • Collect first month’s rent and place security deposit in FDIC-insured Trust account
  • Discuss late payment penalties and implications of lease violation
  • Notify tenants of rent increases and other assessments
  • Maintain open communication to ensure good will