I just learned a very important lesson about our work of helping the Immigrant Population of Nurses we are assisting in moving to the U.S. Apparently, some cultures and many Americans too, still believe there are upfront fees that must be paid for Real Estate Agents services As an independent contractor Re/Max Real Estate Agent, I can work with Clients to provide short term-rental assistance, information about community resources & services and without charging any fees at all when I wish to simply wish to work in good faith to earn your business real estate business in the future. I can understand how one might believe there is an underlying charge for our services of providing housing assistance given the amount of work it requires to move not only domestically but on a much greater scale with international relocation services. That’s why its good to work with one of our preferred Re/Max Real Estate Agents.

I had a breakfast meeting with Rodolfo De Veyra and his great family who have just arrived in Colorado Springs, CO to start his new career as a full-time RN and their new lives together. Myoung Reed their fantastic Realtor of Re/Max Integrity in CO Springs, has been so helpful to Rodolfo with direction to the social security office, the department of motor vehicles and helping them to find an apartment too. I was so glad to meet them to learn more about their long two year process of working through the immigration processes, becoming permanent citizens and then sharing my excitement for the great opportunities that lay ahead of them here in Colorado!

Rodolfo informed me that his Filipino Nurse Colleagues back in the Philippines are under the impression that they’ll be obligated to pay a fee up front for the services we provide. Generally there are no fees for our basic services and they’ll be working with us as Independent Contractors who help clients to purchase a home and be compensated for those professional services at that time.

We have been called to the unique challenge of helping World Wide Health Staff Nurses make a safe, successful move to the US and begin providing much needed medical services in our communities. Rodolfo, a recent immigrant to America, knows this better than anyone. A move like this requires a heroic, coordinated effort and I am so glad to help be a part of this great cause.

“Relocating can be scary especially for people who do not have any family and friends in the area. You don’t know what to expect, what to do and how to get settled in. This is why we contacted ReMax while we were still in the Philippines. They then connected me to one of their realtors, Myoung who was more than helpful in finding us an apartment in Colorado Springs. She toured us to potential apartments while still in the Philippines thru videocall and when we arrived in the United States she still showed us some apartments. She reviewed and explained the lease agreement of the apartment to ensure that everything was clear. She even went out of her way to take us to IKEA to aid us in buying furnitures for the apartment! She gave us tips to make living in the Springs comfortable. Moving to US became a breeze, thanks to Remax team! And all of this without us having to pay for anything to them.”

Rodolfo de Veyra Jr.
DaVita nurse / WWHS / ReMax

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