Steve CharlettI choose to join the National Association of Health Care Recruiters, a group with a cause I am passionate about serving. I see NAHCA as a group which is wholly committed to finding staffing solutions to better supporting our health care providers, Nurses and Doctors in a great time of need. After attending a local chapter meeting of the Denver Area Health Care Recruiters Assn., in February 2020, I felt you would be a great group for me to join. My wife has worked most of her life in the medical industry and worked as both a Physician Recruiter and an RN herself. I have always been immensely proud of her, the work she does and passion she has for her patients as a Hospice Nurse.

I joined the NAHCR to assist Recruiter Members with real estate & relocation services who are recruiting much-needed Physicians, Nurses & Allied Medical Professionals across the United States. I look forward to working with fellow Members of NAHCR and contributing to the industry needs & demands. I believe we at Re/Max Professionals have the right combination of sincere, caring Realtors and Relocation Services supportive of a nationwide, even worldwide initiatives to help medical professionals successfully relocate and engage within their new communities.

When relocating to a new destination city it is vital for the new employee to find a safe and engaging community, they can call home. Working with a knowledgeable, local Re/Max Realtor can help ensure new employees are better engaged in the new workplace, once they’ve established quality housing in a flourishing community. Our health care providers are extremely challenged in a time of greater demand than ever before. “The timing has never been better for us to acknowledge the current & pending demands on the medical industry. I believe we can learn how to better care for those, who care for us”.

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