Relocating to a new state? If Colorado doesn’t top your list already then read on because you are likely unaware of the many benefits and amenities that Colorado provides. So what are the benefits of living in Colorado? Perform an internet search with the phrases “best states to…” or “best states for…” and you will be presented with a plethora of lists, ranking states in everything from happiness to business. And it should come as no surprise to those of us who currently reside here, that Colorado frequently appears among the top 10 in the “best states to & for” lists. Armed with rankings from these various lists and combined with our own personal experience as lifelong residents, we’ve compiled this list of reasons that should make Colorado a top relocation destination for everyone seeking a great quality of life.

1. One of the top ten best states for first time home buyer help: As rated by MSN Real Estate for the state’s quantity and diversity of first time home buyer programs.

2. Among the happiest states in the U.S.: According to several studies and polls conducted this year, where you live impacts happiness. Colorado was included in several of the top 10 happiest states rankings. Commonly achieving 2nd place behind Hawaii. The cities of Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette and Fort Collins are highlighted as a cluster of particularly happy cities within.

3. Among the healthiest states in the nation: Colorado boasts the lowest obesity, diabetes and heart attack rates in the nation coupled with a highly active population according to the United Health Foundation.

4. Great small towns, best places to live: Louisville Co, was ranked the 2nd best small town and places to live in America by “CNN Money”.

5. Craft beer Mecca: Colorado has been referred to as a craft beer Mecca thanks to Colorado brewers including New Belgium, Odell, Avery and Oscar Blues brewing companies.

6. The Rocky Mountains: Gorgeous mountain views throughout the state. Urban proximity to mountain attractions including; skiing, snowboarding, fishing, rafting, hiking, camping and so much more.

7. 300+ days of sunshine: Even when it snows sunshine is never far away.

8. Denver’s reputation as a “cool city”: Vibrant night life and areas of attraction including the 16th street mall and Larimer square.

9. Professional sports teams: Colorado is home to a professional sports team for every major American sport. Including the Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids, Denver Outlaws (outdoor lacrosse), Colorado Mammoths (indoor lacrosse).

10. World renowned state, national and city parks: Red Rocks park & Amphitheater, and Rocky Mountain National Parks are among the most famous parks in Colorado.

11. Colorado is colorful: Purple mountain majesty, bright white snow capped mountains, green forests, and fluorescent orange & blue sunsets.

12. Top state to retire in: According to the AARP Colorado is the 6th best state for retirement. The high life expectancy rates contributed to this ranking.

13. Among the best states for business: Forbes credits Colorado as the 5th best state for business as a result of a highly educated labor supply boasting the 2nd highest level of college attainment. Colorado is also credited as the 3rd best state for projected job growth and household incomes over the next 5 years.

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