Relocation Services for Medical Professionals

We understand healthcare professionals have little time to spare when starting new jobs in unfamiliar areas. We help make the most of those packed schedules. Doctor Relocation partners with recruiters to place physician and allied healthcare professionals in coveted positions in growing communities by providing quality relocation and real estate services. We can help healthcare professionals buy or sell a home and get everything they need while doing so anywhere in the world.


Doctor Relocation helps simplify the entire relocation process with comprehensive relocation and real estate services. We not only help move physicians and allied healthcare professionals to their new homes nationally and internationally, our highly-educated agents offer comprehensive home selling and home buying services such as home staging services and specialized physician home loans that help make effective use of everyone’s time and money.

Doctor Relocation connects healthcare professionals with our participating Re/Max REALTORS who are tenured, credentialed and subscribe to the highest levels of continuing education in our industry. When healthcare professionals work with us, they are connected to an amazing web of knowledge around the globe: Our RE/MAX professional network consists of over 140,000 agents worldwide in over 110 countries with 7,400 offices nationwide. Recruiters, physicians and allied healthcare professionals benefit from our agents’ amazing reputations, community expertise and negotiation prowess. Our agents understand all those little details that can keep a medical pro up at night: the licensure process when moving to a new state, new practice logistics, On-Call duty restrictions, understanding which moving expenses are tax deductible and the list goes on. 

Doctor Relocation helps new physicians and allied healthcare workers feel at home faster by nurturing relationships. We carefully listen and attend to the specific needs of healthcare personnel to coordinate meaningful, interactive experiences for them and their loved ones in local communities. As passionate ambassadors, our agents will introduce the best schools, showcase favorite markets and highlight neighborhoods with character. They’ll connect new residents with appropriate religious and social services and make sure families are aware of recreational, athletic and cultural opportunities that meet their needs.  Plus, our agents will stay engaged with the recruiter each step of the way to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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Home Selling Services

  • Home Sales Services
  • Home Staging Services
  • Competing Inventory & Pricing Strategies
  • Expert Contract Negotiations
  • Discount Moving Services
  • Home Warranty Plans

Home Buying Services

  • Showcase the Great Neighborhoods
  • Find Unique and Fantastic Homes
  • Identify Respected Public and Private Schools
  • Obtain Specialized Physician Home Loans
  • Recommend Popular Retail and Market Centers
  • Connect with Community, Religious & Social Services


“Caring for Those, who Care for Us”

Partnering with physicians recruiters to provide real estate & relocation services

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The Situation

Attracting premiere physician and allied health candidates in this high-demand employment environment is a challenge. We understand the medical industry issues, shortage of physicians and the effect on medical services for all of us! Physicians and allied health professionals have a little time to spare when starting a new job in unfamiliar territory.

A Collaborative Solution

Doctor Relocation partners with Recruiters like you to make it faster, easier and help everyone save more money. Our goal is to streamline your recruiting process with comprehensive real estate and relocation services.

Here's How We Do It

Work With Steve

Steve is knowledgeable about all segments of the business, from the selling & buying processes, mortgage loan programs, investment properties, navigating the 1031 Exchange, resort properties, and second home opportunities.