Dr. Relocation is Colorado’s top provider for healthcare industry professionals looking to relocate and lease or buy commercial real estate. Led by founding Broker Steve Charlett, our team of expert agents will guide you to your new home or office with a full spectrum of services guaranteed to meet your every need.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our Network

We partner with Physician Recruiters & HR Professionals in the recruitment & on-boarding processes. Through residential real estate sales and relocation services we assist with the efforts of Physician and Provider Recruitment. We coordinate seamless relocation/moving services within the RE/MAX international network of professional Realtors, to assist physician recruitment professionals and health care organizations throughout the United States.

Our Knowledge

Choosing to work with Professional Realtor you can trust, with local market knowledge and the ability to coordinate a seamless move is crucial.  We understand the process of licensure when moving to a new state and logistics of starting in a new practice. You can count on us to connect Physician candidates with the right Realtor for the next move. Understanding tax deductable moving expenses is vital for cost control and we can provide that guidance.

Our Partnerships

As Professional Realtors we maintain local area partnerships with trusted, reliable contractors, lenders who provide physician loans and coordinate with reliable movers. We understand the logistics, challenges & stress of moving a family and household. Buying or Leasing office space often requires  an extensive search, interior design and finish work. We work with professionals who can expedite this process. Allow Doctor Relocation to help with those resources get your practice up and running.

Our Perspective

Our focus on helping with physician and provider recruitment in the medical industry makes it easy for us to guide our clients through the relocation process.  We like to help physician recruiters, physicians and medical providers with real estate sales, investments, relocation and moving services.

“Caring for Those, who Care for Us”

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