Highlands / Lo-Hi

Thriving, artistic community with splendid mountain views.

Welcome to Highlands Lo-Hi

Highlands Lo-Hi is a family-friendly neighborhood located on the west side of Downtown Denver. Highlands Lo-Hi features a mixture of modern and old-world architectural designs significant to the area’s artistic allure. The neighborhood is known for its interest in arts and entertainment. Recognition as a "Best Hipster Neighborhood” by Forbes underlines the importance of art in this part of Denver. Its flourishing cultural energy combined with spectacular mountain views attracts celebrities and business magnets from all over Denver to make Lo-Hi their home. 
What to Love
  • Stunning mountain views from rooftop bars
  • Innovative restaurants and bars
  • Grand views of the Highland Bridge
Local Lifestyle
Highlands Lo-Hi is an urban neighborhood filled with lots of activity. This community prides itself as an art and music hub. Most people here are exuberant art lovers. Whether you are walking to a grocery store or heading to work, the general ambiance is lively thanks to its numerous street funfairs. Rooftop bars with incredible drinks, music, and food boast beautiful views of Colorado’s picturesque mountains. 
Lo-Hi features walkable streets lined with welcoming coffee shops,  innovative restaurants, and popular bars. Some locals say Lo-Hi has the highest number of coffee shops in the region. 
Dining, Entertainment & Shopping
Highlands Lo-Hi is an entertainment destination. If you love music and creative dining options, this neighborhood is for you. Begin sampling what Highlands Lo-Hi has to offer by visiting El Five. Here you will enjoy global cuisine and cocktails inside a sparkling penthouse. Start your morning off right with a cup of coffee from SloHi Coffee Co.This bike-themed restaurant will not only serve you excellent coffee but will provide you with incredible hospitality. 
For trendy fashion wear, Highlands Lo-Hi has you covered. Kismet’s carefully-curated selection of high-end womenswear, handbags, and jewelry are some of Denver’s best. Ruby Jane Boutiques upscale items include quality apparel, hip accessories, and specialty gifts. 
Things to Do
LoHi Music Festival’s lineup of incredible live music performances attracts families, couples, and students from all over Denver, so be sure to grab a ticket to this annual event. Take a scenic bike ride over Highlands Bridge. Experience nature best at Denver Botanic Gardens, whose lush landscaped lawns and gardens are covered in an assortment of native plants and flowers.  
The Highlands School District serves the community of Highlands Lo-Hi. Top-rated schools include:
  • Bryant-Webster Elementary School 
  • Sandoval Elementary School 
  • AUL Denver 
  • Valdez Elementary School 
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